Cabin Point Beach Project Status of Bid Process

Cabin Point Beach project – Status of Bid Process to Secure Contractor

During July, the County amended the bid solicitation process to allow for a pre-bid conference with prospective contractors on July 6 and a revised submission date of July 26.  The County received three bids.  As expected, the projected costs for the project are substantially higher than originally estimated.  The County met with the low bidder and “value-engineered” options to reduce the project costs.  The low bidder submitted an amended bid reflecting the reduced costs.

Next steps involve amending the VMRC permit application to reflect the higher cost amount, securing approval from DEQ to the higher loan amount, and securing final project approval from the County Board of Supervisors on the contract, loan, and terms.  The VMRC is meeting on August 23, and we expect the Commission to review and approve the amended permit.  DEQ has tentatively approved the higher loan amount with the existing loan terms.  Additional updates will be provided in a separate NEWS article as they become available.