Go Native!

It may be too hot and dry right now to consider planting new landscaping, but it is a good time to research and plan.  Replacing trees and plants lost due to construction or just to improve the appearance of your yard makes a great improvement in the environment and enjoyment of your home.  Tree canopy can provide shade during the hot days of summer to reduce cooling costs while shrubs and flowers provide visual appeal and attract pollinators.

What trees and plants to select?  GO NATIVE!  The Virginia Department of Conservation has a great website providing comprehensive information on avoiding invasive species, native plant selection, proper planting and maintenance.   From their website (https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/natural-heritage/nativeplants), “Native plants possess certain traits that make them uniquely adapted to local conditions, providing a practical and ecologically valuable alternative for landscaping, conservation and restoration projects”.

The website has lists of recommended native plantings for each geographic area of Virginia.  Listed are various tree sizes, shrubs, grasses, herbs, etc.  For our area, consider downloading the following files to guide your selection of native plants and trees.

Riparian Native Plants (PDF)

Coastal Plain Native Plants (PDF)

Happy planting!

posted 06.27.24