Water Waze: 7 Things to Know about the Beaches and Waterways

Summer is in full swing and the grasses in the creeks died off early which made for earlier boating.  As the July 4th holiday approaches, please be reminded of the following:

1.  The 4 community beaches in GHCP are for the sole use of the property owners and their guests. Whether arriving at the beaches by foot or by boat, you should always have an access card with you.

2. The beaches are one of our valuable recreational resources in the community. Please pick up all trash before you leave the beaches. We do not have anyone who cleans the beaches, so it is up to all of us in the community to keep them clean. The recreational area trash cans are not for homeowner or Airbnb trash.

3. Dogs are welcome on the beach but should be on a leash. You must clean up after your dog and take the waste with you. (Last week when performing beach maintenance, someone left a HUGE pile of dog poop in the walking area of groin #2 at Cabin Point Beach).

4. Walkways – The walkways and sitting areas are for the enjoyment of all property owners. You MUST always keep these areas accessible. No private parties are permitted in the sitting area or walkways.

5. Why are there numbers on the groins at Cabin Point Beach? The numbers are there for emergency purposes. If someone were injured on the beach, you can use the groin numbers to report the location of the injured person.

6. The boating season is now in full swing and remember to obey the NO WAKE areas.

7. Crabbing in the creeks is forbidden by commercial crabbers. GHCP property owners are permitted to crab in the creeks and should be mindful to keep all crab pots out of the channels. Crab pots found in the channels will be moved as to allow two boats to pass. Persons desiring more than the 2 pot per person limit should obtain a recreational crabbing license.

posted 06.27.24