New Resource Committee

Introduced at the December Membership Meeting, the GHCP Association is forming a Resource Committee to assist residents with issues related to deed covenants as well as Westmoreland County land use codes and ordinances.  A goal is to have our residents recognize that, as the density of homes increases in our community, each of us needs to be more proactive in maintaining the appearance and safety of our neighborhoods.  The committee is to be composed of volunteer members from GH and CP operating under the direction of the GHCPA Board.  The committee will serve as an in-house resource, actively engaging members and residents regarding their property and community appearance concerns.  Neighborly discussion, informational notification letters, and providing helpful resources to address concerns are the principal activities of the committee.  Other activities will include:

  • Submitting educational articles for publication in the monthly GHCPA newsletter.
  • Monitoring of the Permit Portal for compliance with deed covenants.
  • As appropriate, the committee may involve the GHCPA Board and make referrals to County officials for further action.

Additional volunteers are needed and would be welcome to join this committee.  If interested, please send an email to: .   Provide your name, phone number and email address.  Thank you for your consideration.

posted 01.27.24