Boat, Trailer & RV Parking

The GH-CP POA rents parking spaces for boats, trailers, and RVs at the Clubhouse and the Glebe Harbor beach access area. (The Sanitary District User Fee does not include the storage areas. ) Spaces are limited and are made available on a first come, first serve basis.  Proceeds from the rental fee are used to maintain the boat and RV storage areas and other miscellaneous expenses.

Spaces at the Cabin Point boat ramp are not being rented this season in anticipation of increased use by owners and a need for more daily parking.

The new boat parking spaces at the clubhouse have been marked. Teresa Edwards is assigning parking spaces now and has the list of available spaces.  Spaces marked with a small red flag have been rented. Spaces without flags MAY be available (or maybe the flag disappeared) so please call Teresa to confirm. You can reach her at the clubhouse, 804 472 3646 or by email at
The new spaces are 12′ wide, and angled to make it easier to get in and out using the roadway. But not all are the same length, and some will be easier to use than others. The spaces on the southwest  may be the best for larger boats and those folks who are frequently in and out. If you keep your boat in the water or on a lift and will rarely move your trailer, please consider one of the spaces to the east, and the northeast section of the infield.
Please let Teresa know if you are going to want a space for the May 2017-April 2018 season. The rental fee for this season is $100 per space.