The Pool

The pool is located behind the clubhouse, at 752 Glebe Harbor Drive. The entrance is behind the pool, adjacent to the picnic pavilion.

Hours of Operation: The swimming pool will be open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Weather permitting, extensions beyond Labor Day will be announced. Unless otherwise modified and posted, the normal pool hours for 2022 are: Monday – Wednesday 12 noon to 7:00 p.m.; Thursday & Friday 12 noon to 8 p.m.; Saturday & Holidays 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.   The pool will be closed when necessary for maintenance, during storms, and when the outside air is below 70 degrees.

Access:  All members of the Sanitary District (SD) have access to the pool. Owners, Associates (people living in the same home as an owner), or Lessee are considered “members of the SD.” All users must check in to the pool. This is  for the safety of users, and to allow pool managers to document how the pool is being used so we can predict needs for pool attendants, cleaning, water treatment, and other services. At least one person in any group of users entering the pool must present a valid Facility Access Card and vouch for the others in their group.

Admittance:  During normal operating hours, admittance to the pool is only through the pool gate, not through the Clubhouse.

Unattended Use of the Pool: In response to requests from members for increased access to the pool, the GHCP Board has recommended and the County Administrator has approved rule changes to allow a pilot of limited morning use of the pool when no lifeguard is on duty.  Click HERE for more information.

Use at Own Risk: Use of the pool is at the risk of the user. The GH-CP Sanitary District and the GHCPA are not responsible for personal injury or for the loss, theft or damage, to personal property resulting from use of any GH-CP SD facilities.

Crowded Conditions: When demand for the pool exceeds safe capacity or related conditions warrant, the following steps may be taken. These are most likely to occur on busy weekends, and on holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

  • pool use may be moderated by extending adult swims, restricting games and the use of inflatables
  • each membership (the set of Facility Access Cards issued to one lot) may be limited to four guests at the pool.
  • further admissions to the pool may be limited or temporarily suspended

Large Groups: Anyone planning to bring more than six guests must make prior arrangements with the Pool Staff at least 48 hours in advance.

Pool Use by ChildrenFor safety reasons, the use of the pool by children under the age of 12 is restricted. Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a responsible person at least 16 years old. Children ages 9 to 11 who can pass a swim test administered by the Pool Manager may use the pool unaccompanied.  A sponsoring adult must accompany the child on the initial visit to establish qualification. Once qualified, the child will be permitted unescorted access to the pool. However, if a Pool Attendant determines later that any child’s unsupervised behavior is unsafe, inappropriate, or disruptive of others, the child’s unescorted access privileges may be suspended or revoked.

Swimmers with Health Issues: Admission to the water will be refused anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes or infections and to anyone wearing bandages. Persons with skin problems are requested to stay out of the water while using medication or when suffering from a condition which requires additional covering. Swimmers presenting a written statement from a physician certifying a requirement for specific protective covering while in the water may be granted an exception.

No Glass Containers: No glass containers are permitted in the pool area.

Smoking Permitted in Designated Areas Only: Smoking (including electronic smoking devices) and spitting are not permitted in the Pool Area or Clubhouse.

Courtesy: Cursing, swearing, abusive language, or disrespectful behavior is not permitted

Bodily Fluids: Children who are not reliably toilet trained must use a clean diaper covered by a separate waterproof pants or a disposable swim diaper, all of which must fit snugly around the legs and waist. Expectorating, blowing the nose, and urinating in the pool are prohibited.

Adult Swim: Pool staff may, as needed establish 15-minute break times or adult swim times during which all children under sixteen (16) years of age will be required to clear the pool.

Pool Toys and Flotation Devices: Pool Attendants may disallow such articles as rubber balls, inner tubes and toys which may, in his or her opinion, be safety hazards. Wearable life jackets and flotation devices for children must be U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Suitable Attire: Only swimming suits may be worn while in the water. To maintain a safe and family environment, revealing or see-through bathing suits, shorts with rivets and clothing generally considered offensive will not be permitted.

Food: Users may bring and consume their own food and beverages on the pool decks. Food is not permitted in the pool itself, and the sale of food and beverages by individuals is prohibited.

Safe Pool Behaviors: Running, pushing, wrestling, or unduly disruptive conduct is prohibited in or around the pool area.

Music: In consideration of others, amplified music or radios with external speakers are not allowed.

Only Service Animals Permitted: No animals or pets, except service animals, are permitted in the pool area.

Large Groups: Anyone planning to bring more than six guests must make prior arrangements with the Pool Staff  at least 48 hours in advance.

Clubhouse Access: Pool users over the age of 16 and holding a Facility Access Card may enter the clubhouse from the pool deck during normal operating hours or events, but wet bathing suits are not allowed in the clubhouse.

Pool Manager Authority: Situations arising not specifically covered by established rules shall be handled by the Pool Attendants and reported to the Pool Manager. The Pool Manager on duty shall have final and conclusive authority to enforce all rules and may ask any person failing to observe them or otherwise conducting themselves improperly to leave.