The Boat Ramps



Glebe Harbor Boat Ramp

(Located off Osprey Drive in Glebe Harbor)


The GH boat ramp was been damaged by erosion but has now been completely rebuilt.

Cabin Point Boat Ramp

(Located off Anchorage Drive at the end of Boat Ramp Road in Cabin Point)


Fresh water and a hose are provided for rinsing salt water from boats and trailers. Toilet facilities are available.

Access: Owners and lessees intending to use the boat ramps may request access decals for their boat trailers on the Property Owner Information Form or by contacting the POA office. Decals should be displayed on the driver’s side of the tongue of any trailer parked at either ramp. Owners and lessees who want to invite household guests to use the ramps may request a temporary pass from the POA office.

Hours of Operation: Both boat ramps are always accessible. However, neither ramp is lit for use after dark. Users should plan accordingly, and plan to use the ramps during daylight hours. Property owners may use either boat ramp.

No Swimming: Swimming at the boat ramps and jumping or diving from the piers is prohibited.

No Wake Zones. Boaters should use caution at the boat ramps and at all other times and reduce their speed and boat wake while in local creeks.  All of the community creeks are no wake zones.

No Obstruction:  Boats cannot be moored or anchored in a position which interferes at any time with the use of the ramp by others. All vehicles and boat trailers must be parked so as not to obstruct or block other users

Overnight Parking: Boats, trailers, or other vehicles may not be parked at the ramps overnight.

Overnight Mooring/Anchoring: Boats belonging to Owners, Associates, Guests or Lessees may be moored or tied to a ramp pier overnight with prior approval of the Property Manager.

Emergency Community Access: The POA Board may, when severe or unexpected weather conditions occur, open these boat ramps for temporary use by the general public.