Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point – A Great Place to Live

Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point – A Great Place to Live

The Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point community is one of the nicest full-facility communities in Westmoreland County. We are located 15 minutes from Montross, the county seat, in the Mt. Holly area. Many properties front on Weatherall Creek, Cabin Point Creek, Aimes Creek, Betty’s Pond as well as the Lower Machodoc Creek and Potomac River. Boating, fishing, and crabbing are some of the many enjoyable pastimes of residents. The historic Glebe mansion still stands and serves as a residence in Glebe Harbor.

The Glebe Harbor subdivision was first developed in the 1960s. The Cabin Point development came in the 1970s. They adjoin each other geographically and through the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Property Owners Association (POA), they own and share the use of a wide range of recreational facilities. We are proud of the long tradition of volunteerism from owners and residents who support and participate in community activities and make this community the especially nice and friendly place it is.

Our facilities include: a clubhouse with a large rotunda for meetings, parties and social functions, a comfortable lounge, a game room, a large, well equipped kitchen, and restrooms. Adjoining the clubhouse is a large swimming pool and children’s wading pool, game room and bath house facilities. Nearby are two tennis courts with shuffleboard, a volleyball area, a playground, a basketball court, and a large picnic pavilion. The POA has two boat ramps (one with toilet facilities) for launching boats providing a short, easy access to the Lower Machodoc Creek and Potomac River. Boat storage facilities are available at three locations. We also have three major beach areas for the use of members and their guests as well as walking trails and smaller shoreline areas.

Glebe Harbor—Cabin Point Property Owners Association (POA)

For nearly 50 years, our community has depended on voluntary contributions of owners’ time, energy, and financial support. The Glebe Harbor—Cabin Point Property Owners Association (POA) has been the voluntary non-profit membership organization of property owners from both subdivisions whose members paid an initial membership fee and annual dues. Those fees and dues have supported and made it possible for members to enjoy a wide range of POA owned facilities.

We are now transitioning to a more sustainable, predictable financial structure assuring stable, long-term operations as the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Sanitary District. The Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Property Owners Association will continue to be the owner of the community recreational assets, and, in addition, will manage and maintain those assets under an agreement with the County’s Board of Supervisors who will serve as the governing body of the GH-CP Sanitary District.  One big change is that all property owners will now have full access to POA Facilities. And instead of paying an initiation fee of up to $1000, and annual membership dues of $340, the cost will be an annual recreation user fee (this year, $190) added to the annual real estate tax for each lot in GH-CP.

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Cabin Point and Glebe Harbor Civic Associations

Each development has a voluntary non-profit organization of property owners in that community. The Civic Associations enforce deed covenants and deal with road maintenance and snow removal for non-state roads and mowing the subdivision entrances, and roadways to maintain an attractive appearance. Each Association is run by a Board elected by the members. Each Association meets periodically and has a nominal dues structure. New members and volunteers are always welcome and encouraged.