Lot Consolidation and How it Works

Lot Consolidation for Contiguous Lots:  The recreation user fee that funds the GH-CP Sanitary District is assessed on every lot, based on Westmoreland County records as of January 1 of each year. If your home is on two (or more) lots and they are recorded separately, your tax bill for each lot will include a recreation user fee. However, you have the option to consolidate contiguous lots into a single lot and thus pay a single recreation user fee in future tax years.

The Westmoreland County Lot Consolidation procedure explains the process.

There are several service providers in the Montross, Westmoreland, Warsaw, and Richmond areas who are able to assist property owners with the process. We encourage property owners who are interested in lot consolidation to contact one or more of these service providers for information on pricing and services provided. (The GH-CP POA does not recommend any particular individual or company.)

We urge property owners who are interested to complete the process before the end of December 2016 to avoid paying the recreation user fee on multiple lots in the 2017 tax year.

Lot Consolidation for Septic System Dependent Lots and Deed Restricted Lots:  We also know there are a number of multiple lot owners whose second lot is used exclusively to manage and support a septic system and/or drain field for the primary lot where the house is located. In these instances, the primary lot cannot be sold or purchased separately from the second lot. Some of these lots are contiguous, but in some cases the second lot is outside of a cul-de-sac or across the street on a lot that is not contiguous.

Earlier this year, we asked the County to consider whether these properties that are deed restricted should be considered consolidated, single lots for tax purposes. We provided Section and Lot information to the county for those property owners who had contacted us about this situation.

The County has agreed, and established criteria under properties may be considered consolidated, single lots for tax purposes. Click this link for more information:

Resolution for Sanitary District Recreational User Fee Exemption

If you own a home that depends on a septic system or drain field on a second lot you should contact the County Administrator of the Land Use Office to discuss you specific situation, You will need to provide the subdivision, section, and lot numbers for your lots.