Sanitary District

The Short Version of Why and How the Sanitary District Was Created

Why?  The property values of all lots and the quality of life in Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point depend on this being a water access community and the presence of amenities that make this a great place to live. Regardless of how often any one property owner takes advantage of them, their presence adds value to the community and to property values for all owners. For nearly fifty years, the voluntary hours, sweat, and dues contributed by a few owners have kept the community afloat.

In early 2013, a study commissioned by the POA estimated it would cost $560,000 to repair damage caused by hurricanes and winter storms, to make improvements to keep the waterways open, to maintain the beaches, and to reduce the potential for damage from future storms.  These estimated costs were well beyond the capability of the voluntary GH-CP Property Owners Association.  The POA considered and debated several proposals, which were described in the cover letter to a survey sent to all property owners in early October, 2014. In December, the POA membership voted to pursue establishment of a Sanitary District.


How? In November, 2015. a group of cncerned citizens submitted the required petition to the Westmoreland County Circuit Court, requesting the establishment of the GH-CP Sanitary District. In May, 2016, the Circuit Court held a public hearing to hear testimony on the petition and subsequently approved the petition, thereby creating the GH-CP Sanitary District. In June, the County Administrator and the POA Board of Directors collaborated on a proposed budget for the Sanitary District. In July the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on the proposed budget. In August, the Board of Supervisors approved the proposed SD budget for the County fiscal year 2016-2017.  That budget, divided by the number of taxable lots in GH-CP as of January 1, 2016, determined the amount of the $190 Recreation Fee on the tax bills sent out by the County in September and that were due in December, 2016.

You’ll find more information, and copies of the letters sent to all property owners to keep them informed throughout the process on the Background Page under the Sanitary District tab on this site.