The Beaches

There are four beaches in the GH-CP Sanitary District

Glebe Harbor Beach  (accessed from North Glebe Drive)

The replenishment of Glebe Harbor Beach was completed in late June, 2018

Cabin Point Beach (accessed from Royal Way)









Crystal Lane Beach (accessed from Crystal Lane)









Beaver Pond Beach

(accessed from Huntsman Way -between Cypress Drive and Cabin Point Drive – via the trail past the beaver pond.)










Please Remember

  • All Westmoreland County ordinances and GH-CP Sanitary District rules governing the use of firearms, consumption of alcohol, and fireworks apply at all beaches in the District. Open fires are not permitted on the beaches at any time although enclosed portable grills may be used.  Consumption of alcohol on beach areas is permitted, if such behavior or conduct does not endanger one’s self or others.
  • Because broken glass, ragged metal, and sharp shell bits are present on the creek and river bottoms, swimming or wading without protective footwear is not advisable. Jumping or diving from any pier or groin is prohibited.
  • No trucks, cars or other motor vehicles are permitted on the beaches (or the adjacent grounds) at any time. Motor vehicles are not permitted beyond the posted beach access signs.