Grass Mowing Reminder

Spring is here and from our April showers will come our May flowers.  Now is the time to get the mowers out and ensure the grass on your property is properly taken care of.  Our GH and CP deed covenants indicate that grass must be kept less than 8” tall.  This is regardless of whether the lot has a home or is unimproved.  To keep our community a safe, attractive, and desirable place to live, we need the cooperation of all residents and lot owners.  The Association is doing its part by contracting to have all the common areas maintained.

If you need help keeping up with the grass, below is a short list of landscape businesses in our area that may be able to help. These are provided only as a reference.  While the Association does not endorse businesses nor verify insurance, those listed below have responded to recent calls and indicated their ability to provide service.  There may be other companies that service our communities– check with your neighbors and our Local Resources page at

Shawn France: 804-761-6823

Mt. Holly Lawn Service:  804-472-2180– CP improved lots only

Jim Thorne: 804-761-7970

Thomas Cox: 804-443-7433

Eric Tate:  804-456-8845

Sylvester Hackett: 804-296-8627

Thanks to everyone for their cooperation!

posted 04.28.24