Update about Golf Cart Usage in the GH-CP Community

There continue to be questions about whether it is legal or permissible for golf carts to be used in Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point.

Please note: there is NO legislative authority from the Virginia General Assembly that permits Westmoreland County to regulate the use of golf carts in the larger subdivisions of Glebe Harbor, Cabin Point, or Stratford Harboursubdivisions where the main entrance streets are 35 mph or 40 mph.

During this year’s General Assembly in Richmond, a bill was introduced to permit Westmoreland County to develop ordinances for use of golf carts in County subdivisions where the speed limit is 40 mph or less. The bill was referred to the Senate Transportation Committee where it died. Committee members believed regulating in subdivisions with streets at 40 mph represented an unacceptable safety issue. Thus, for now, the County has no legislative authority to regulate golf carts in our communities and the use of golf carts is illegal. Residents who choose to use golf carts in the community do so at their own risk and legal liability.