Local Highway Work – Route 3

Just received word that VDOT is doing resurfacing work on Route 3 near Lyells, heading into Warsaw.

There are delays in travel time due to the resurfacing work activity. If you are coming from GH/CP or Montross, you might try taking Mt. Holly Road up to Route 3 in Montross, turn left on Route 3 and take it to Tallent Town Road (Route 621) next to the grain elevators just west of Garner’s Produce on Route 3. That will take you to Menokin Road, where you can turn left to continue into Warsaw. If you’re headed to Tappahannock, take a right on Menokin Road, then the next left onto Chestnut Hill Road (Route 621), then left onto Newland Road (Route 624) to reach Richmond Road (Route 360). You can retrace your route coming back from Tappahannock or Warsaw.

Safe travels.