Highlights of the August 12, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Highlights of the August 12, 2021 GHCP Association Board of Directors Meeting:

Community Forum – Now that our meetings are back to in-person, the Community Forum is available to all.  It occurs at the beginning of the meeting, so members can leave afterward or stay for the remainder of the meeting if they so desire.  This month we had no attendees.

Date Changes for the next meeting – Please note a schedule change for the September Board meeting.  The September meeting is changed from Monday 9/13 to the previous Thursday, 9/9.

August 28th Membership Meeting – The Agenda for the subject meeting was discussed and responsibilities assigned to Board Members to develop slides and talking points.

Property – The Association is looking at some undeveloped lots to see where we might expand for boat storage and future needs.  These lots would be purchased only with Association funds, not Sanitary District funds.  Former Board Member Brett Billington will be making offers to the lot owners.

CDC Guidance on Coronavirus – The Board decided to make no changes to Happy Hours except to move the events to the Rotunda for less crowding.  Attendees are free to wear masks as they desire.  Any future CDC, state, or county guidance will be followed.

Speeding – The Board is aware of general community concerns regarding speeding vehicles, especially along the main roads in both Cabin Point and Glebe Harbor.  The Cabin Point Speeding study has been completed and was shared with the Board.  The Glebe Harbor study has not yet been completed.  The traffic calming study has been requested but not yet completed.  Residents are urged not to start erecting a variety of traffic signs, homemade or purchased.  Only VDOT has the authority to place signs in their right-of-way.  Anything else placed there will be removed.

Beach Use and Access– The Board discussed the issue including input from the Sheriff’s Office.