Glebe Harbor Civic Association – August News


It was good to see a large group of Glebe Harbor residents at our General Membership meeting on Saturday.  A lively discussion ensued concerning AirBnB’s, leaning trees over roadways, raising dues, and un-mowed lots.  The Board will be looking more thoroughly into these and other issues in the coming months.  In the meantime, owners, please mow your lots!

For issues concerning Westmoreland County ordinances and code compliance, call Westmoreland County Land Use and Zoning (804-493-0120).  If you think a law or ordinance is being broken call the County or the Sheriff’s non-emergency number (804-493-8066).

If you have a fallen street sign as we did we did recently in our community, call Westmoreland County’s local VDOT work order number (804-493-0130).  For all other VDOT problems such as low hanging limbs over VDOT roads, downed tree limbs on VDOT roads, and pot holes in VDOT maintained roads,  call the VDOT Work Order System (1-800-367-7623).

Recently, Glebe Harbor Civic Association member, Tracy Milne, got the Westmoreland County VDOT road crew to come and put back up the road sign that had fallen down at the corner of South Glebe Road and Woodland Dr.  Thank you Tracy!