Glebe Harbor Civic Association: April News

Mowing season doesn’t start until May 1, 2021 but the Board is beginning to hear a lot of complaints about lots in the community that need to be mowed.  Glebe Harbor covenant #11 states that “lots must be kept mowed to a height not to exceed 8 inches”.  Please, adhere to the covenant and keep your grass at an acceptable height.  Your neighbors and community thank you.  For your information and reference, the Glebe Harbor’s and Cabin Point’s Joint Mowing Notice will be linked to this article.   Click here for Joint Mowing Notice.

The Glebe Harbor Civic Association (GHCA) membership drive has started.  Membership dues are still $30 regardless of how many lots you own in Glebe Harbor.  The money collected helps us manage the community roads which are not in the VDOT system and enforcement of covenants.  This year for the first time, we are offering members the ability to pay their dues through PayPal.  Instructions will be sent with your Membership Letter or you can click on the link provided in this article.  If you have a question regarding PayPal,  please send it to our email address and our PayPal Coordinator, Dawn Wharton, will be happy to help you.  Dawn has worked extremely hard at getting our PayPal account set up and running.  I want to thank her for all the hard work and effort she has put into this project so we can offer you, the lot owner, this additional membership payment option this year.   Click here for GHCA Membership Dues Form.

We are starting to see more and more people out and walking or riding bicycles.  Please obey the speed limits and slow down when passing people walking beside the road.  Ours is a community without sidewalks so please, SHARE the road!

Pet responsibility:  Westmoreland County has a leash law and that law applies to our Glebe Harbor community.  ALL dogs and cats must be kept on a leash when outside and not fenced in.  Allowing your pet to roam free and/or use your neighbor’s yard as a bathroom is not acceptable.  Please, abide by the law.