Westmoreland County Pilots EMS/Health Department Vaccination Clinic

This week, Westmoreland County began piloting a collaborative vaccination model with EMS/Health Department personnel.  The vaccination clinic is located at the A.T. Johnson building in Montross.  This is a collaborative vaccination model program where trained EMS personnel work collaboratively with health department personnel to administer Covid vaccine shots.  A similar pilot effort is also underway in nearby Essex County.  The vaccination clinic administered 100 shots to Westmoreland County residents on March 25 and an additional 50 shots were administered to regular patients of the Westmoreland County medical clinic at the same location.  Westmoreland County residents, who are .be contacted directly and scheduled for a vaccination appointment through the EMS/Health Department clinic.  As vaccine supplies become more readily available, the County plans to ramp up delivery of shots to about 300 per day.