Update on Cabin Point Beach Engineering Study

Update on Cabin Point Beach Engineering Study—this is the first of two studies looking at the Cabin Point Beach shoreline and creek.

The County Board of Supervisors has approved a cost proposal from Resource International to undertake the engineering study to address long-term erosion control problems on the beach property and to determine if modifications are needed to the inlet channel at Cabin Point Creek to mitigate sand deposits at that location.  The cost proposal is $60,700.  To address erosion control, the study is expected to consider both traditional offshore solutions (e.g., breakwaters) and living shoreline solutions (e.g., rock, sand, plantings).  DEQ has approved funding from the Virginia Clean Water Resolving Loan Fund to support the study and installation of erosion control measures.  Actual dollars for the project will be made available by DEQ later.  The County is expected to advance the study funds so the project can proceed in a timely manner.