Highlights of the January 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Highlights of the January 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

 Our Shoreline and Waterways

  • Cabin Point Creek Inlet Channel – The dredging project is essentially completed as of 1-6-2021. Remaining fence line to be placed next week and equipment demobilized. Final cost is $78,200.
  • Cabin Point Beach Engineering Study – The County’s plan is to separate the work associated with the engineering study at Cabin Point Beach and Cabin Point Creek into two projects.  The first project would focus on long-term erosion control problems along the shoreline and at the inlet channel entrance.  Project objectives would include looking at traditional offshore elements for erosion control, such as breakwaters, as well as looking at introducing living shoreline elements as a means of erosion control.  The second project would focus on pre-planning for future dredging of the secondary channels of Cabin Point Creek.  The County has received a revised proposal for the first project and a revised proposal for the second project is forthcoming.
  • Funding for the Engineering Study Projects – The first project is expected to be funded through a loan reimbursement program with the Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund (VCWRLF). The second project is not yet funded, but the County is exploring a possible grant funding source through the Virginia Port Authority’s Waterways Maintenance Fund.  Preliminary information about the fund has been provided by the Northern Neck Planning District Commission and was discussed by the board.  This might be a grant funding source for future dredging needs for our community.

Our Facilities and Operations

  • We are working on boat/trailer/RV parking & storage issues, including another storage area at the clubhouse; remediation of wet areas especially at the playground; tree trimming; and parking for visitors at GH beach.
  • The pool and clubhouse are now connected to the sewer and the broken water line has been repaired. Options are being explored for replacement of that line.
  • The administration of the GHCP Website and the GHCP Association NEWS is transitioning from Bill Spencer to Linda Whittaker as she takes over as our lead for communications. Contact Linda if you have questions related to posting documents on the GHCP Website.

Budget Time

  • At this time, 89% of the Recreational User Fees (RUFs) have been paid which is a bit behind previous years at the same time.
  • Budget planning is underway and closely resembles the previous year which has been proved to be consistent and accurate. The Operational Budget for FY 2021-2022 is projected to be the same as the current fiscal year, $257,000.
  • After accounting for requested line items, the SD will have $21,384 available for other capital projects.

(Posted 1/25/2021)