Special Thanks to Our Pool Volunteers!

It took a lot of effort by a lot of people to get the pool up and running this year! Beyond the usual draining and cleaning the pool, decks and furniture, much of the place got a needed coat of paint. And of course, the planning and preparation for opening safely within CDC, State, and County guidelines took significant effort.

So, at the risk of missing a name or two, here are the folks who made it happen so far.

Jim Amery, Buddy Axtell, Fran Beach, Bob Bryan, Robert Chapman, Jean Paul Delort, Bob & Debbie Dunn, Ed & Diane Fite, Kathy Gold, Gary & Mary Palsgrove, Fred Selby, David Sidley, Dot & Bill Spencer, Dana Tucker, and Dawn Wharton.

We are looking for volunteers to help keep the pool going this year. We don’t have as many guards as usual, and most will be heading off to school or other commitments before Labor Day. We will probably need help with the check in process and some of the maintenance functions this summer, so if you can lend a hand please leave your name with one of the guards or drop us an email at GHCPAssoc@gmail.comn.

(Posted 6.26.20)