Pool Reservations Are Now Available

Starting at noon today, Friday, June 19 property owners, lesees or their designees will be able to make one pool reservation per day per property owned (or leased) for up to the next 7 days, through June 26. (Tomorrow, we will accept reservations through June 27.)

Reservations are not required, but are offered primarily as a convenience for members who may have family and guests and who want to assure pool access for a particular day and time.

Reservations may be made by calling 804-472-3646 during office and pool hours, or by visiting the pool.

We will ask for your name, the Lot Number on your access card, and the exercise area or lane you want to reserve. The map of lanes and exercise areas appears below. Your Lot Number is the 6 digit number (or letter/number combination just below the word “Recreational” on the front of your card.

When you check in to the pool to use a reservation, the lot number of the card presented must match the reservation.

All reservation times begin on the hour – 45 minutes for swimming, 15 minutes for cleaning and transition to the next reservation. If you do not check in by 10 minutes past the hour, the reservation will be cancelled and the remaining time given to another group.  

We will not be able to accept reservation requests left in our voice mail.

(Posted 6.19.20)