Update for our GHCP Neighbors and Members. 

Update for our GHCP Neighbors and Members. 

Local News.  As of April 29, the Virginia Department of Health reports 21 COVID-19 cases in Westmoreland County, including one individual who worked at both Food Lion and Erica Mall. That individual did not require hospitalization and is recovering at home. Erica Mall closed voluntarily on Friday, April 24, and plans a modified-service re-opening soon. The most up-to-date details can be found on the Erica Mall Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/EricaMallLLC.

Current Virginia Coronavirus Guidance.  The Governor’s stay at home order remains in effect until June 10, 2020, unless amended or rescinded. The order directs that all individuals remain at their place of residence, except for the purpose of obtaining essential goods and services and that all of us maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any other person while away from our homes.  The Governor has released a Blueprint for reopening the state as conditions permit. We anticipate that whatever steps are taken, the process of opening will be gradual, and will include some measures of social distancing.

Recreational Facilities:  All scheduled meetings and events at the clubhouse have been suspended. The tennis/pickle ball courts remain open. Waterways and beaches in the GH-CP community remain open for exercise and fishing and the boat ramps remain open for launching and hauling out watercraft.  Please remember that fishing for personal and family sustenance is permitted on the Potomac River, but recreational boating is not permitted by order of the Governor of Maryland.  Both fishing and recreational boating are permitted in Virginia waters (e.g., Lower Machodoc and the creeks of the GHCP community) as long as social distancing rules are followed aboard the vessel.

Reopening our Facilities? We plan to reopen the clubhouse and the pool as conditions permit, consistent with emerging national, state, and local guidelines, the safety of users and staff, and good stewardship of our resources. Our goal is to make facilities available, and count on our members who then choose to use them to follow whatever guidelines are recommended to keep themselves and the community safe.

We will pass along local guidance on our web site  gh-cp.org, but please check out CountyState, and CDC web sites for the most current information.

Association Meetings:  The orientation meeting for newer property owners, originally scheduled for April 25th, and the Annual Meeting planned for June 13 will be rescheduled when conditions permit.

Despite the terrible impact of the Covid19 epidemic, we have much to be thankful here in Westmoreland County and GHCP. The worst projections of infection or death from this disease have not come to pass. Our community as a whole has taken the danger of contracting COVID-19 seriously, followed good hygiene practices, and maintained social distancing.  Many of you continue to reach out to help neighbors with life under quarantine, helping with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, food collection and distribution through local food pantries, or making face masks.  Please also remember to thank those serving on the front lines —the EMT’s and VFD (volunteer fire department), Sheriff’s deputies, and doctors, nurses, and hospital staff, whose selfless work assures that as few citizens as possible are infected with the virus.  We hope and pray that you and your families remain in good health.  Stay safe and stay well.

Jeanne Axtell, President

On behalf of the GHCPA Board.

(Posted 4.30.2020)