Are You Confused About Who Gets Access Cards When a Property is Leased?

Property Owners are free to enter into private, contractual arrangements to rent or lease their improved or unimproved lot.  When that happens, the accompanying access rights to use Sanitary District facilities transfer automatically. (In legal terms, the access rights run with the property and cannot be separated from the property.)

Many residents from other communities lease unimproved lots in GHCP specifically to gain access to our amenities. The same principle applies when an owner rents a home in GHCP to another person. In both cases, the property owner gives up the access right associated with the property and those rights transfer to the lessee.

The owner of a leased property is responsible for notifying the Association when a property is leased by completing and submitting a Leased Property Information Form to the Association office. When a property is leased, all Facility Access Cards that have been previously issued against the leased property will be voided and must be returned to the Association office.  New access cards will then be issued to the owner in the Lessee’s name for the use by the lessee. Four access card are provided free of charge to the principal owner of a property.   There is a $2.50 charge to the principal owner for replacement cards, or new sets of cards for a new lessee.

When a property is leased to a new lessee, the property owner is responsible for submitting a new form and repeating the process. If the owner no longer leases the property, any access cards previously issued in the owner’s name will be returned and revalidated.

For short-term residential lodging arrangements (a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days, such as Airbnb) the property owner may convey his/her access cards to the short-term lessee for the purposes of using the recreational facilities of the Sanitary District.  The access cards remain in the name of the property owner and the short-term lessee may use the access cards during the period of the short-term residential lodging.

(Posted 4.30.2020)