Progress At Cabin Point Beach!

This morning VDOT delivered the first loads of rock that will be used to install rip rap to protect the Royal Way cul de sac from further erosion.   We understand that work should begin in the next few weeks.
Also this morning, we received the approval letter from VMRC (Virginia Marine Resources Commission) for the repair and/or replacement of the groins along Cabin Point Beach.  We received an approval letter from the Army Corps of Engineers for this work on December 3, 2019. These two letters constitute the regulatory approval letters necessary to move forward with this project.
We are now in the process of contacting contractors to determine their interest  in providing quotes for the work on Groins #1 and #2.  We will keep you posted as this project moves ahead.
Great News to brighten an otherwise cold and dreary Monday! (Posted 12.16.2019)