Emergency Services Update – County Rescue Squads

(Poster’s Comment: The message below is from our District 2 Supervisor, Russ Culver. For members who may be new to the community, “Westmoreland Rescue” is the facility that looks like an active firehouse at the intersection of Mount Holly Road and Rt 202. The smaller facility on Mount Holly Road closer to Erica Mall is an active part of the Westmoreland County Emergency Management system, operated by volunteers who respond when called (911), and providing  important services to our community. Posted 8.9.19)

Aug 1st 2019

Info on our Rescue Squads.

Twice now people have gone up to the end of Mount Holly road to get help from the rescue squad.
As your Supervisor, I need to inform you that Westmoreland Rescue is not licensed and has not been on a call for almost two years. I am trying to get that sign taken down.
Earlier the County had moved our Paid Rescue in there, but the Paid Rescue personnel complained of being harassed by members of the volunteers.

I then went to Cople Fire Department along with Norm Risavi and Daryl Fisher and negotiated an agreement with them to house our Paid Rescue.personnel. Our County
Board of Supervisors approved the agreement.

We now have Three 24 hour a day seven days a week Paid Rescue operations.
One new one at Oak Grove, One in Montross, and one at Cople fire in Coles Point.
We also have first responders at Cople Fire, Westmoreland Fire, Mount Holly sub station
and Oak Grove Fire, and Colonial Beach Fire &Rescue.

About 85 % of our calls are accident or rescue.

PLEASE REMEMBER: In any medical emergency situation always call 911 and Dispatch will have a Rescue unit on the way.
Also remember that when calling on a Verizon cell phone, the call sometimes goes to the Tower across the river in Maryland; so always specify Westmoreland County and they will switch you over to our dispatchers. Many times you will have First Responders from the fire departments arrive prior to the Rescue Unit to lend assistance.

Sincerely Russ Culver,
Supervisor District 2