Cabin Point Beach Update

The erosion problem at Cabin Point beach continues.  We have lost more than 2 feet of sand at the end of the access ramp since last Spring.  As reported at the General Membership Meeting, the GHCP Association Board is working with the County to use funds remaining from the work at Weatherall Creek and Glebe Harbor beach to repair one or two groins at Cabin Point beach, extend our existing dredging permits, and apply for permits that may be required for future work,.  We also plan to  address erosion and safety issues  on the field at Crystal Lane beach.

Also at our December 1st membership meeting, a member expressed concern that erosion could undermine the cul-de-sac at the end of Royal Way. The first picture below confirms there is only about 6 feet of shoulder remaining on the north side of the roadway. The second picture (taken from the beach at a very low tide) shows how erosion has undermined the trees that a few months ago were up at road level as part of the shoulder. The County has examined the damage and has communicated their concerns to VDOT, asking them to evaluate the risk to the roadway and (we hope) consider taking steps to protect the roadway.  The Association’s plans cited above are intended to reduce future erosion to the entire beach, and at intended to accrete sand over time. But they were not planned to specifically protect this area. (Posted 1.19.2019)