Illegal Hunting in GHCP

This is to confirm that the December 28th post on the Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point Facebook  page about illegal hunting activity in our neighborhood is accurate.  The post stated that one of our resident’s homes was shot and penetrated with buckshot, breaking a bedroom window and penetrating the exterior wall into the bedroom of the home.  Fortunately, no one was injured but this was a very scary situation.
A juvenile from outside the area shot the deer inside the community and the buckshot penetrated the window and exterior wall of the home.   The incident is still under investigation, with Westmoreland Sheriff’s deputies supporting the Game Warden and Conservation Police.  We understand that arrest(s) are forthcoming.
Westmoreland Sheriff’s deputies will be patrolling our neighborhood more frequently moving forward during this hunting season.  Please remember that hunting in our community is illegal and dangerous.  Call the Sheriff’s Office if you observe anything suspicious.  The safety of our residents is of primary concern. (posted 12.29.18)