Highlights of September 17, 2018 Board Meeting

Highlights of September 17, 2018 Board Meeting: 

Community Comments: No members attended and no matters were submitted to the Board for its consideration at this meeting.

Facilities Report:

  • The pool season ended on Labor Day. On Saturday, Sept 8, volunteers stored furniture &, equipment, delt with remaining snack bar supplies, and generally cleaned up.The pump-out process is underway and will have the pool drained by Wednesday, Sept 19 as planned. The Invitation For Bids (IFB) for pool refurbishing has been posted. A  pre-bid conference is scheduled for Sept 19, 10AM, at the pool. The scope includes cleaning and recoating the concrete surfaces of both pools, regrouting and replacement of waterline tiles, repair/replacement of damaged concrete coping around the pool, and examination and potential remediation of the deteriorated tiles that mark the swim lanes.
  • Beach Updates: The past 2 weeks have not been kind to the beaches.
    • At Cabin Point Beach, the steps Jim Moore added in July to facilitate access are well above the sand and now under water at high tide. We still hope Mother Nature will bring our sand back, but once Florence moves on we will probably be adding steps to the side of the existing walkway. We may be losing more sand to the river, but much of it seems to have been pushed further up on the beach.  At least two of our SD “Private Property” signs have been knocked down, but both were salvaged and can be reinstalled. The purchase and installation of warning signs at the ends of the Cabin Point groins  and installation of SD signage at other beaches remains on the  “to do” list, will likely not be a priority until next season.
    • At GH Beach, much of the new sand has been pushed up the beach, but to my eye the stonework seems to be doing its job. ( No change on plans for the observation deck at GH beach.)
    • At Crystal Lane Beach, there has been significant loss of sand. (We received cost comparisons from the County (sand vs soil) to fill in sink holes and erosion, but have not done further planning.)
    • Beaver Pond Beach actually seems to have gained sand.

Membership Services: Increased interest in GHCP properties continues; there were 5 sales  in Glebe Harbor last month, 2 in Cabin Point.

Communications: We need to explain to members why GHCP emails are being delivered by “MailChimp.” Some are concerned this is a scam. We have over 450 members who have agreed to receive email notifications from the Association. But Gmail suspects spam when a user sends the same message to “too many” recipients and may suspend a user’s email account when the same notice is sent to more than 100 addresses. Earlier this year we had to break up our GHCP-net mailing list into chunks of less than 100, a process that took more time and introduced more opportunities for errors. We have turned to using the (free) MailChimp service as a solution. There are still a few glitches to resolve, but we believe this is a reasonable way to improve our communications with members. Bill will draft a posting for the NEWS tab on our web site.

Potential Changes to Membership Meetings and Agendas: Our ByLaws require an Annual Meeting of the Association each year before June 15. In the past this meeting was held in April or May and included the election of officers. The ByLaws also call for the newly elected board to elect officers within the next 7 days. That worked when the old “POA” fiscal year began May 1st. Now, with the Sanitary District and Association fiscal years beginning July1st, the timing is not realistic. Accordingly, the Board will be scheduling the  Annual Meeting of the Association and election of officers on a date as close to June 15th as possible.

Interest in a Golf Cart Community: Last month, we reported a member’s interest in making GHCP a golf cart community. We outlined some of the potential challenges to be addressed, and asked if there were volunteers who would be willing to form a group to survey community interest, investigate the details of what would be required to implement the idea  and gain approval of the County Board of Supervisors. Your GHCP Association Board of Directors has taken no position for or against the idea, but we are willing to mentor and support such a group that could make an informed case for the proposal.  The idea has surfaced in the past, but so far no one has come forward to take the lead. Let us know if you want to take the lead.

The GHCPA Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of each month in the Hough Lounge, at 6:30 pm.  All Members and Associates are welcome to participate.  Meetings will begin with a Community Concerns session to hear your thoughts, concerns, and questions, after which you may choose to attend the business meeting as an observer. The next meeting will be on October 8, 2018.

Posted 9.27.2018