Changes in Association Communications

Some members have asked why some recent emails from the GHCP Association have been sent from a service called “MailChimp”, expressing concern they could be from a hacker.

In fact, they are from the Association, and are being sent only to the members who are on our GHCP-net email list – those who have given us email addresses to use for Association communications.

Recently, we reached the limits of what we could do using Gmail to communicate directly with the more than 450 property owners who have provided us an email address. One issue is that Gmail suspects spam when a user sends the same message to “too many” recipients and may suspend a user’s email account when the same notice is sent to more than 100 addresses.  To avoid potential problems with our account, and to better communicate with our members, we moved the entire GHCP-net email distribution list to the Mail Chimp service.

We know many members are concerned about getting too many emails, so we limit the use of the GHCP-net list to:

  • Official notifications of general membership meetings (e.g., annual, general, and special called meetings), as required by our by-laws.
  • Emergency notifications with potential impact on GHCP property owners and residents.
  • Periodic (approximately monthly) notices giving the headlines of recent Association NEWS items posted on the web site, so that interested members can keep themselves informed.

We also post certain announcements on the Glen-net. The Glen-net is not an email distribution list of the GHCP Association; it includes people who live in the surrounding areas outside of Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point and in other areas of Westmoreland County. However, since we have property owners in our GH-CP community who prefer to use the Glen-net, we are still using it for distribution of information on some Association events and local social events in the community.  We are moving toward exclusive use of the GHCP-net for official Association business and communications.

Posted 9.27.2018