Clubhouse Renovation Group

The Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Board of Directors is seeking to develop a Clubhouse Renovation Group.  One goal is to develop a plan to think through the possible uses of the Clubhouse facility for Association-sponsored events, private use rentals, and other business purposes, and recommend changes in the design and structure of the facility to accommodate both current and especially future community needs.  This effort will involve short-term and longer-term planning to repair, improve, and potentially remodel our existing clubhouse.

Our more immediate need is to do what we can with limited funding in the near term to sustain and improve our clubhouse as an important amenity for the community.  We need volunteers with specific skill sets and experience in building, remodeling, trade services, budget, and interior design to work through the repair, design, and renovation processes.   Please let Teresa or Jessica in the Clubhouse know of your interest in participating or potentially chairing the group.

posted 09.19.23