Thank You Letter from the Pool Manager

To Our Community and GHCP Board Members:

I just wanted to say this summer has been one that I’ve truly enjoyed here in GHCP; it has been one remarkable summer and I’m so honored to be your Pool Manager. My intentions this summer were to make sure this community knew that its pool would be clean, and safety was top on my list. Long before summer started, I had hired guards based upon eagerness and understanding of what was expected and to fulfill those needs. My boss, Mr. Bill Spencer, had trained me in a way throughout the whole summer to make sure I was able to fulfill my requirements. While working at times 45-60 hours a week I was able to observe what was needed or repaired and to my own eyes, it turned out that I was able to identify that we needed structure, compliance, and plenty of manual labor to make this summer enjoyable and amazing.

GHCP Community Residents:  I just want to take the time to thank you for the positive feedback all summer and for keeping the pool deck cleaned. Those of you who helped assist in ways of check-ins, skimming, and being that extra set of eyes, kudos to you. There was an outstanding outpouring of compliments that left an abundance of true impacts and made room for some extra work. The extra work consisted of Guard of the Week, adding a new GHCP member “Sunny” to our pool, and being able to quickly de-escalate/ resolve any situations that have occurred this summer. My requirements were fulfilled with the amazing support of everyone here and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

GHCP Board Members:   I just want to take time to thank each of you for the countless number of hours in late evenings at meetings to discuss, resolve, and push forward with the kind gestures this summer. Each of you deserves a huge pat on the back. I’m so thankful for the abundance of support, following up on situations, along with looking at the needs of the pool.  Each of you left a huge impact on my journey this summer; listening ears and productive souls are what made the contributions to my fulfillments along the way. I was able to successfully get compliance for our fellow community residents with safety and keeping our pool extra filtered and clean. Once again thank you all for your hard work.

As the summer winds down, if you have any requests you’d love to see happen next year, reach out.  Please write it down and hand it to the Guards, email Teresa, or come see me personally. I’m looking at what I can add or do better for next summer. Thanks for making this summer one that I can officially add to my chapter of life at GHCP.

Brittany Cousins, GHCP Pool Manager

posted 08.29.23