How to Know What’s Going On

If you are new to the community or never really did have a good understanding of how communications are handled in GHCP, this article is for you!  These days, there are lots of ways people can get information, ask questions, and exchange ideas. Here’s a summary of how you can get information about the GHCP Association, the GHCP Sanitary District operations, and how you can share your feedback, ideas, questions, and concerns with the Association Board of Directors.

How the Association “Sends”

Electronic Distribution

  1. Our website ( is available 24/7 and provides reliable information about the Association, the Sanitary District (SD), our facilities, processes, and activities. This is our primary source for reliable information.
  2. Direct email to members who give us addresses and permission provides

*monthly NEWS summaries

*official notice of board meetings

*emergency notifications

*option to subscribe to weekly Happenings & periodic Volunteer Updates

3.  Facebook Page – Maintained as a convenience to members who prefer notifications on Facebook. These include:

*Timely notice of changes such as weather-related pool closings that are   important to members who want pool updates.

*Periodic notice of and links to NEWS and other postings on the web site.

*Other postings that might involve our facilities or neighborhood activities

*Additional links to a variety of community pages for “one-stop shopping”

Other “Send” Distributions

  1. Periodic publication of the Pointer (newsletter sent 3 times a year in either paper or electronic form)
  2.  Clubhouse message board, pool & clubhouse postings at facilities
  3.  USPS notification of events required by bylaws to members who have declined email notification.

How the Association “Receives”

  1. Email the Association at
  2. Call the office at (804) 472-3646. If the office cannot answer your question immediately, it will be forwarded to the Board member best equipped to answer.
  3. Call or email any Board member directly. Their contact information can be found on the website.
  4. Use the Message button on the Facebook page.

Getting Started

Start with the web site for community NEWS, current information about our community, maps to our facilities, schedules of events, forms, and contact information for Board members, and other resources. The web site is the Association’s primary vehicle for “official” information, but you have to go to the web to keep in touch.

Why we ask for your email address

If we have your email address (and your permission) we send out just one email each month with a brief summary of what’s most important to know and links to the NEWS items that have been posted on the site during the month (helpful if you do not want to keep checking the website). You also have the option to request weekly updates for current events (Happenings) or notices of volunteer opportunities. Snail mail is becoming increasingly expensive.  Do you really want your RUF money going for stamps, envelopes, labels, and ink when you could easily get the latest news and official notifications by email?   We take seriously our promise not to overload you with electronic mail: NEWS comes once a month.  If you opt for Happenings, that notice comes once a week; volunteer updates are as needed.  We do not sell your email address to anyone. The last mailing for the August meeting cost us over $400 to send out the official notification to approximately 420 members who decline to receive this same information electronically. Multiply that times 3 just for the regularly scheduled meetings. That does not include the hours and hours required to copy, assemble, stuff envelopes, and drive to the Post Office.  Please help us, as well as yourself, by opting for electronic notifications.  You can easily call or email the office to let us know you want to make the switch.  No more wondering what is happening in the neighborhood; you will know!

If you have questions about the community and would like a response from the Association, please call or email the office or any board member.

posted 08.15.23