Check out our Refreshed Facebook Page

The Board’s Communications Committee has been reviewing our various communication tools, of which there are many.  They range from a paper snail mail newsletter to electronic means.  A listing of what is available was recently posted to both the website and the Facebook page.  Our focus over the past 6 weeks has been to update the Facebook page and use it more frequently than has been done in the past.

That work is now complete and if you check out our Glebe Harbor & Cabin Point Facebook page ( you will find that it has been updated to help you find whatever you are looking for all on one page.  There is information on how to contact us by phone, snail mail, or email.  There are links provided to our website, local resources, the County, and a variety of community pages. The former GHCP Pool page is now defunct and pool information will be posted on the Association’s page including closings related to weather conditions.

Please note that this page is designed to be a communications arm of the Association.  It is an additional way for us to communicate some official business as well as events that peripherally involve the community or our facilities.  It is NOT intended to be the place to ask where to get a good haircut, where to find a caterer, how to hire help, or buying & selling used items, etc.  There are other community pages better suited for those recommendations and we have provided links to them.  If you have something you think would be beneficial to post for the entire community, you may submit it to for review.  The Message button is also active if you have a specific question.  Many thanks to Jessica Simpson for all her efforts in helping with the refresh.

Please remember that this is a public page and that the administrators are volunteering their time and effort.  We hope you will find the Facebook page useful.


posted 08.08.23