Post-Dissolution Transition Update 7/29/23

The Post-Dissolution Transition Project got underway earlier this month.  The Covenants and Ordinances Committee met July 17, with several members of the Steering Committee also attending.  This committee will focus on three major areas:  Community Covenants and related County Ordinances; Management Process for Enforcement; and Actions to Encourage Voluntary Compliance.    

At this initial meeting, participants shared their ideas, suggestions, and expectations about what the community can do within its legal authority to craft workable solutions to preserve its character, nature, and appearance as a leading waterfront and water access community.  Some advance work had already been done for the committee that reviewed and compared the GH and CP covenants against County ordinances.   That work was presented and widely discussed.  The committee’s preliminary assessment is that, in some cases, County ordinances may be better tools for enforcement.  The Committee also discussed which covenants are most critical for the community to retain and enforce to preserve community appearance.

Joel Wilson explained the business changes occurring with Mt. Holly Lawn Service.  Joel will retain the mowing business previously conducted by Mt. Holly Lawn Service in Cabin Point.  Shawn France, France Lawnscapes, will be assuming the Glebe Harbor portion of the business.   A letter was sent on July 10 to the previous customers of Mt. Holly Lawn Service in Glebe Harbor, explaining the business changes that are underway.  We are expecting that lot owners who had not yet engaged someone to mow their property this year will do so in the coming weeks.

To encourage voluntary compliance, a survey of unimproved properties and lots will be conducted in Cabin Point starting August 1.  A second survey will be conducted in Glebe Harbor in the weeks to follow.  Each property owner who has not yet mowed their property will receive a letter reminding them of their obligation to comply with the covenants and providing them with a list of providers who are available to mow lots in Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point.

The Roads and Grounds Committee will be getting underway soon.  This Committee will focus on: Near-Term recommendations for the use of remaining Civic Association funds for minimal maintenance, and Long-Term recommendations for care and funding for minimal maintenance of non-State roads, pending inclusion in the VDOT system. A complete update on this project will be presented at the GHCPA General Membership Meeting on August 26, 2023 at the Clubhouse.

posted 07.29.23