Highlights of the March 13, 2023 Board of Directors Meeting

“Slow Down, Children Playing” signs have been installed facing Glebe Harbor Drive, at the corners of the clubhouse property, and opposite the playground.

No Wake – Expect to see new proper no wake signs on Weatherall Creek, Cabin Point Creek, and Aimes Creek by April 25 in accordance with a DWR request.

Money Matters – The Board has been working with the County regarding funds still available for the remainder of FY 2022-2023.  We are still hoping to proceed with repair and paving of the clubhouse driveway and enhancement of the pool restrooms.

Resident Concerns – The Board is aware of recent concerns expressed  by residents  relating to the CP boat ramp bathhouse, the Civic Association dissolution, covenant enforcement, and the condition of non-state roads.  Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to be had and it will take our whole community working together to find solutions going forward.