Cabin Point Beach Replenishment Project

We are happy to announce that construction of the breakwaters and living shoreline features across Cabin Point Beach has begun.  Preliminary staking of the construction areas on the beach was completed in early September.  Over the past week, several barges have arrived bearing construction materials, foundation rock, and armor stone for the breakwaters.  Eventually, oyster shells will also be added to the structures, creating a type of living shoreline and habitat for oysters and fish.  Sand will also be brought in to begin replenishment of the beach area.  The construction project is projected to take 1-1/2 months to complete if the weather conditions permit.  We will update you in next month’s NEWS of progress on the beach.

The County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) approved the loan package.  The loan is for $1.260 million at 0.50% interest for 20 years.  The package also includes “principal forgiveness” of $27, 792, which will be deducted from the $1.260 million loan—in essence, it is a grant.  The final loan closing occurred on October 28.

Photo credit to Debbie Dever