Back to School Supplies Collection

Back to School Supplies Collection

Once again, this year the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point community will be collecting school supplies for the children at Cople Elementary.  There will be a collection box inside the clubhouse as well as on Jane Herron’s front porch (854 N. Glebe Rd.).  If you are unable to shop but want to participate in this project, monetary contributions may be given to Jane or to Teresa at the clubhouse.  School begins the 8th of August so we need to get going with this quickly.

The deadline for contributions will be August 5 with the second and final delivery being made to the school on the 12th.

Suggestions for supplies include:  yellow highlighters, glue sticks, speckled composition books, folders, colored pencils, #2 pencils, crayons, blunt-tip scissors, pencil pouches, post-it notes, spiral notebooks, and pencil top erasers.

Also needed are tissues, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and small sized underwear and socks be for younger children.  There is no need for notebooks or pens as these are not used in the primary grades.

Questions may be directed to Jane Herron 804-472-4959.