Lot Consolidation / Combination — Update


At the Annual Meeting, a question was raised about lot consolidation or combination and whether a previously consolidated lot can be separated again into two lots.  Generally speaking, the answer is no.  Once two lots have been formally consolidated into a single lot, with a new plat drawn defining the boundaries of the lot, the new lot cannot be separated into two separate lots again.  While there is a process that may permit consideration of separating a consolidated lot into two separate lots again, the process is difficult and not easily accomplished.  Here is the text from the Westmoreland County Land Use office concerning lot consolidation or combination.  If you are considering a lot consolidation or lot combination, it is suggested that you contact the Land Use office at 804-493-0120 to discuss the specifics of your property situation.

Lot Combinations: Lot Combination plats, also known as Lot Line Vacation plats, are intended to combine two or more lots into one single lot. These are commonly needed when someone wants to build a structure over a shared lot line or reduce annual fees that are assessed per lot. Fee: $75 for two lots, plus $100 per each additional lot · Please note that it may not be a simple process to un-do a lot combination at a later date, so the landowners should consider the possible future needs of themselves and subsequent owners of the property.