Highlights of the April 11, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

Highlights of the April 11, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

Communications – The roll-out of “Happenings” was successful.  A reminder to the community that we are no longer using the Glen-net to publish information related to GH-CP-specific activities.  These announcements will now come via e-mail in “Happenings.”

Pool – Work sessions have been scheduled to begin prepping the pool for opening on May 23rd.  The work sessions will be Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9:00 am – Noon beginning Tuesday, April 19th.  It takes a lot of work to get the pool ready for the season.  If you can help in any way, please contact the office at 804-472-3646.

Volunteer Response – Shout out to Tracy Milne and Jim Amery who are trimming plants and controlling weeds at the clubhouse and to David Milne who has taken on upkeep of the boat parking areas at the clubhouse.  He is also evaluating the needs to get the restrooms at the CP boat ramp back into working order. Thanks for all your help.

Nominating Committee – The committee proposed the following slate of candidates who have agreed to run:  Fred Selby (GH); Deanna Rudnick (GH); Bob Frank (CP); and Janet Zwirner (CP).  The Board voted unanimously to accept the slate of candidates.  Bios of the candidates will be posted on the website prior to the June elections.

Member Services – The Board received the resignation of Director Angi Murphy.  She was instrumental in creating the highly successful New Member Orientation event last year as well as scheduling and organizing Happy Hours and other social events.  Many thanks to Angi; we’ll miss you.  Note:  This year’s New Member Orientation event is scheduled for May 21st at the clubhouse.  Watch for announcements and details.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness – The County continues to be willing to conduct CPR and defibrillator training classes in our clubhouse, but the last scheduled class had to be cancelled due to lack of participation. If you are at all interested in this free service, please contact Teresa at the clubhouse at 804-472-3646 asap.

Neighborhood Watch – Dave White will be taking over as Director for C.C. Murphy in June.  Many thanks to C.C. for a great job.

Budget Matters –  The Board had a discussion of the need to recommend supplemental SD funding for FY 2022-2023 to the County Administrator due to soaring inflation which is significantly impacting costs for pool chemicals and supplies, general maintenance and repairs, and insurance costs.  Inflation has risen 18.2% since the inception of the SD; 14.6% of that is just since the last RUF increase.  Year-round employees have not received salary increases since the inception of the SD 5 years ago.