Launch of the “Happenings”!!

Beginning on Monday, April 11th, the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Association (GHCPA) will start sending emails focused on the GHCPA activities and events using our GHCPA email distribution.  We will no longer use Glennet for posting GHCPA events that are not open to the public. (Less than half of Glennet subscribers are GHCPA members.)  Glennet remains a valuable community service,  and no one will be removed from it’s list of over 700 contacts.

We have established a GHCPA “Happenings” interest group, to send emails focusing on these sorts of activities and events directly to members who prefer getting information emailed to them. (And we will continue to post them on our web site.)

Members who already receive emails from the GHCPA and who are on the Glennet will automatically be included in our GHCPA “Happenings” interest group. We will provide more information in our April 11th email.

If you are a GHCPA member but do not currently get GHCPA email and want to be included, please call Teresa at the GHCP Association clubhouse, 804.472.3646.