Seeking GHCP Association Board Members

Last month, you heard from Ronda Selby and Marion Dongieux, presidents of the Glebe Harbor Civic Association and Cabin Point Civic Association, respectively, about the need for new folks to be willing to serve on their civic association boards.  The Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Association (GHCPA) board is no less in need of new folks who are willing to serve.

The GHCPA board manages, operates, and maintains all GHCP recreational facilities on a day-to-day basis for the benefit and use of all property owners.  We work directly with the County to assure that current and future needs for maintenance of the recreational assets and facilities of the community can be met.  This includes not only the physical facilities, such as the Clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, playground, and boat ramps, but also the inlet channels, waterways, creeks, and beaches within and around the community.

More than anything, being on the board takes your willingness to serve and engage with others on behalf of the community’s best interests.  It means participating in monthly meetings, undertaking individual tasks or projects with others, and exercising common sense, openness to new and different opinions, and reasonable diplomacy.  And, yes, to have basic facility with computers, email, charts, and Zoom conference calls.  Those who have served on the board will tell you it can occasionally involve some effort, but it is also a great way to meet your neighbors and work together to make the community an even better place to live, and to have fun along the way.

We have three and possibly four vacancies that will be open at the end of the current term in June 2022.  The Nominating Committee for 2022 is starting now to identify people who are interested and willing to serve.  If you are interested, please contact Jack O’Neil, Committee Chair, for additional information.  Jack can be reached at 804-472-2849 or at   We will also enable incoming directors to work with outgoing directors in order to ease into duties and become comfortable with board service.  Please give this opportunity some thought and give Jack a call today.