Improving Communications With You

Improving Communications With You

You receive the monthly GHCP Association NEWS emails because your address was on a Property Owner Information Form that accepted email communications from the GHCP Association.  And we are very glad you did! Your agreement allows us to send not only these monthly emails (and emergency notifications) to 642 GHCP addressees, but every property owner who allows email for notices required by our bylaws also saves us about $5/year per year per owner in first class mail costs.

Now, we want to step up our outreach for volunteers and to improve the flow of information about GHCP association events and similar activities to those of you who want to be included.

In a few weeks, we will be emailing all addresses from Property Owner Information Forms expressing an interest in volunteering, asking if they would like to receive occasional emails about volunteer opportunities. Those who do not decline will be included in future Volunteer Opportunity emails.  It’s a good way to stay informed, but there’s no obligation to respond, and anyone will be able to change their preferences for receiving additional emails at any time – without unsubscribing from what you have been receiving.

Next month, we will share our plans for improving how we let you know What’s Happening here in GHCP.