Getting Ready to Open the Pool for Season 54!

Getting Ready to Open the Pool for Season 54!

Yes, our pool opened in 1968, so 2022 will be its 54th season. While it’s a bit early to nail down specific dates and times, here’s a rough idea of what needs to be done this year:

Week of April 18 – Restart the well pump, check for leaks.  Determine other needs for painting at the pool, begin surface preparation. Diagnose the condition of the hot water heaters. Begin to pull furniture out of the pool garage, identify repair and replacement needs.  Begin pressure washing the pool decks. Begin to review and update pool rules & procedures.

Week of April 25 – Shock the well, chlorinate water system. Test for bacteria.  Inventory pool chemicals and supplies, evaluate well water chemistry, order chemicals.  Complete pressure washing of decks. Replace one of the two 5hp main pool circulation pumps. Begin pump out.

Week of May 2 – Paint bathrooms as needed. Clean out office and garage area. Post new signage. Begin to pressure wash interior  of the pool. Repair/replace lap lane ropes. Repair/replace the vent fan in pump room. Dig out a shallow trench under the chain link fences around the pool. Fill the trench with gravel to inhibit weed growth and improve drainage off the deck into the grass.

Week of May 9 – Replace burned out light in diving well. Paint/repair/replace blue tables as needed.  Begin to refill the pool by May 15.

Week of May 16 – Pressure wash remaining furniture, set up the decks.

Week of May 23 – Balance chemicals, install lane ropes, complete setup for the season.

Pool Opens Saturday, May 28

As working sessions are scheduled, they will be posted in NEWS and sent directly to folks who have expressed an interest in volunteering on their Property Owner Information Forms. Please consider helping when you can.