GHCP Association: August NEWS

Glebe Harbor Cabin Point Association NEWS for August 2021:

General Membership Meeting:   The summer General Membership meeting of the GH-CP Association was held on August 28, 2021.  Overall attendance in person or by proxy was 73 owners, representing 121 lots—a good showing for an August meeting.  The meeting covered several topics of interest to members—Sanitary District Facilities Access and Use; Traffic Studies, Speeding, and Safety Concerns; Status of Waterway and Shoreline Studies; Upcoming Activities and Events; and a general update on work projects completed in 2021 and planned over the next year.  The slide deck used at the meeting has additional information on all the topics covered at the meeting.  It has been posted on the website and may be viewed HERE.  If you have any questions regarding any of the topics covered, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Coronavirus Guidelines for GHCPA meetings:   Compliance is expected with masking and social distancing guidance as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia in effect at the time of the meeting.  The Clubhouse is a County-leased building and, as such, we are expected to follow County guidelines for Coronavirus mitigation.  At present, masking is optional in Sanitary District recreational facilities managed by the GHCPA Association.  CDC guidelines recommend that fully vaccinated persons in areas of the country with “substantial” or “high” transmission risk for Covid-19 wear masks indoors.  Masks and sanitizers are available and encouraged for use by unvaccinated persons and fully vaccinated persons with serious health conditions.  We continue to review reports and data, and we will adjust the guidance for use of GHCPA facilities as County guidelines change based on public health conditions.

Townhall meeting with Russ Culver, District 2 Supervisor:  We are working with Russ Culver, our District 2 Supervisor, to arrange a town hall meeting later in September.  Mr. Culver is interested in briefing us on County discussions and plans to improve emergency response capability to better serve citizens in our area of the County.   This is also an opportunity for Mr. Culver to update the community on other projects the County Board of Supervisors is undertaking, and for us to ask questions and share our views.  Stay tuned for updates on the schedule for this town hall meeting.

CPR Training:  We have arranged two CPR training sessions for those who may be interested in updating their knowledge and skill in CPR.  The two sessions are scheduled for September 18 and October 23.  As of September 1, both sessions are filled.  If you are interested in receiving this training, please contact Teresa Edwards at the Clubhouse and put your name on the waiting list.  If we have any cancellations among those who have already signed up, we will contact persons on the waiting list to fill in any available slots.  If we have sufficient additional sign-ups, we will work with the County to determine when an additional class might be offered.