Cabin Point Civic Association: July News

A recent informal traffic check over a weekend on Royal Way showed an average speed of 56 mph.  That five six – fifty-six miles per hour, vs. a 40-mph speed limit except at the turn where house density increases, and the limit drops to 25 mph.  56 mph is outrageous and is clearly a danger to the community, especially since there has been a significant increase in house building along Royal Way and there is a blind intersection with Mallard Court.  Please be a conscientious neighbor/driver and slow down.

The Cabin Point Civic Association badly needs a secretary.  The job requires very little time and consists of mainly recording meeting minutes and keeping the secretarial laptop up to date.  This provides a good opportunity to contribute to the community.  In particular to new folks, please consider serving on the board – it always helps to have new views and perspectives on our community issues.  Please contact a board member or respond to our email site if you are interested in helping out. (

A number of folks are letting their vacant lots grow well beyond the limits set in the covenants.  Please – save us the time and postage of contacting you to have your property maintained.  Be a good neighbor and help keep our community attractive – cut your lot.  Thank you.

Our June membership meeting was very spirited and had a good exchange of ideas and views.  Our next membership meeting will follow the GHCPA membership meeting on August 28.  Please attend.