Highlights of the July 12, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Community Forum – Now that our meetings are back to in-person, the Community Forum is available to all; no appointment needed!  It occurs at the beginning of the meeting, so members can leave afterward or stay for the remainder of the meeting if they so desire.  This month we had three attendees who brought to our attention a variety of concerns and observations.  Thank you!  The Board appreciates your input.

Date Changes for the next two meetings – Please note a schedule change for both the August and September Board meetings.  August is changed from Monday 8/9 to Thursday 8/12.  September is changed from Monday 9/13 back to the previous Thursday, 9/9.

New Director Responsibilities – The following appointments were made:           Linda Whittaker was named Director for Communications; Angi Murphy was named Director for Member Services; and John Hutt will become the new Registered Agent for the GH-CP Association.

Communications – The Communications Work Group is working to clean up and improve the website which should make navigation a bit easier.  They are also focusing on the most desired communication methods to deliver GHCP Association business information as well as non-business/community announcements of interest. Stay tuned for some changes coming your way.

Property – The Association is looking at some undeveloped lots to see where we might expand for boat storage and future needs.  These lots would be purchased only with Association funds, not Sanitary District funds.

Speeding – The Board is aware of general community concern regarding speeding vehicles, especially along the main roads in both Cabin Point and Glebe Harbor.  A traffic calming study has been requested.  Residents are urged not to start erecting a variety of traffic signs, homemade or purchased.  Only VDOT has the authority to place signs in their right-of-way.  Anything else placed there will be removed. We await the results and recommendations from the traffic calming study.

CPR Class – The Board is working with the County to offer a CPR and defibrillator training course to be conducted at the clubhouse.  Watch for future announcements regarding date and time and how to enroll.