Boat Trailer/RV storage renewal time and changes to parking facilities.

It’s time to request or renew GH-CP Boat Trailer/RV decals and storage spaces for 2021.  Request/renew letters are being mailed (either by email or USPS) this week along with the Decal/Storage Space form.

We have also made some changes to our boat & trailer parking facilities.

At Glebe Harbor Beach, we have repurposed four storage spaces to provide six vehicle parking for users of the beach.

At Cabin Point, there are no changes to trailer storage spaces, but we will be marking day parking for trailers more clearly to accommodate more users.

Tree trimming and removal will improve parking at the Clubhouse, and four spaces (22-25) in the muddy area next to the playground will be retired.

To compensate for the loss of these 8 spaces, and to provide more capacity, we have established 13 new spaces next to the tennis courts on a temporary basis. This area will be known as Clubhouse West, the older area, Clubhouse East.

You can access these Boat Trailed/RV documents and parking/storage area maps by Clicking Here.