Reopening the Game Room

Several members have asked when the clubhouse may reopen. Under current guidelines, we have no plans for a general opening, but a first step will be a pilot reservation process for the game room to allow some use of the pool table and accommodate small exercise groups.

The game room pilot will combine the reservation process we used for the four “exercise areas” at the pool this summer and the responsibilities accepted by the leaders of water exercise activities.

Any member may reserve the game room for up to 2 hours by calling Teresa during normal office hours.

The member host may invite a group of up to 6 people to play pool or exercise (such as ballet or yoga.) The group may include members, lessees, and members of their households, and their guests.  Reserved activities are not open to walk-ins.

Wearing masks is expected and social distancing must be practiced.   (Separation of six feet for pool players and ten feet for exercise participants.)

The host is responsible for:

  • Ensuring participants wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival, answer “no” to the posted screening questions, and observe mask and social distancing practices.
  • Taking temperatures and excluding any person with a temperature over 100.3 degrees.
  • Having participants sign the waiver/contract tracing form & getting it to Teresa.
  • Act as ABC Manager if participants consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Sanitizing all touch surfaces – pool cues & balls, the table itself, ballet bars, and furniture used by the participants.

A thermometer and sanitizing products will be provided.

(Posted 9.29.20)