Please Take Your Trash With You!

Over the past few weeks the Association and the County has received a surge of complaints about people leaving trash at the beaches or boat ramps and generally not cleaning up after themselves.

One involved a boat owner recently stopping to wash down his boat at the Cabin Point ramp, and leaving a trail of trash, chicken bones, and other debris on the ramp.

A couple others have been residents using our trash cans to dispose of their household trash. Not acceptable, we contract for trash related to the use of our facilities, not for use as a community dumpster.

Last but not least, there is ample evidence that not all dog owners are picking up after their pets on our streets and beaches.

So please, respect the health and appearance of your community and your neighbors by properly disposing of your trash. And if you see others who are not, please say something to them. You know better, so do they!

(Posted 8.25.20)